Our Objectives

GTI is a non-profit charitable foundation. We are soliciting donations in the early stages of planning to obtain credentials for “non-profit” or “charitable foundations” status.

  • Provide an environment, both educational and social, that promotes honor, respect, integrity, good manners, and a positive attitude.
  • Private three-hole golf course located in a rural setting.   Handicap accessible.  In addition, GTI will provide opportunities for individuals with disabilities to learn and enjoy the game of golf and its inherent values. We believe that the game of golf is exceptionally well-suited to allow individuals with disabilities to participate in a recreational or competitive activity with participants who have various types of disabilities as well as those who do not have disabilities.
  • Certified golf professionals as instructors.
  • The curriculum includes the basic rules of golf.
  • Curriculum also includes unwritten rules, such as “when repairing your ball mark, repair yours plus two others”, etc.
  • Teach young people (16 years and under) the mechanics, principles and, most importantly, the integrity of golf. We believe that learning and practicing the integrity of the game will extend to other important life choices.
  • Provide a three-hole golf course where young people can practice their golf skills and participate in competitive tournaments throughout the summer.


Golf is for EVERYONE!

Acessibility program

Let us know how we can make participating easier for you.




Special Thanks

We wish to thank Action Sand and Materials for their generous donation of a full truck load of top dressing sand for GTI.  Donations  like this make our work possible; Thank you!

Please contact Scott at 509-995-6239 (or email at parrotheadinwa4@comcast.net), if you can donate.

GTI - Golf Teaches Integrity

GTI – Golf Teaches Integrity